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One of a Kind:   Gone but not forgotten!

This 'third owner' high side pickup is a well maintained original, with 60,353 miles showing on the odometer.  The second owner, George Brier, acquired the truck in 1955 from a used car lot on Redlands Blvd in Loma Linda.   I have been in possession the truck since 1986.    During that time it has been in numerous parades and show events, including the  Redlands Centennial Parade and the RHS Centennial parade.   

The original purchaser is unknown, but this 57 year old veteran was built at the Dodge Truck Line in San Leandro, Ca.   The truck is complete with owners manual, all 4 original hub caps, working accessory spotlight, and water type interior heater.  It runs and drives great!

License Plates: correct Year of Manufacture commercial plates 
52DodgeB2B-Engine-LF.JPG (60112 bytes)
52DodgeB2B-Engine-RF-1.JPG (58868 bytes)
Note cab does not have the optional 'Pilot House" quarter windows, but does have the original rear bumper.  It does not include a matching 16 inch spare wheel and tire.  It does include a spare carrier assembly.
52DodgeB2B-BedLR-1.JPG (58192 bytes)  52DodgeB2B-Instr-1.JPG (59612 bytes)  52DodgeB2B-Int-1.JPG (59616 bytes) 52DodgeB2B-grill-1.JPG (59028 bytes)    52DodgeB2B-left-hood-1.JPG (52592 bytes)  52DodgeB2B-WheelHC-1.JPG (106088 bytes)
     bed          Instruments     Interior

Below, Fulton accessory sunshade

    Grill             Fluid Drive      Hub Caps 

Original List Price\
  High Side Pickup Box B-109
  Oil Bath Ait Cleaner
  Dual Electric Horns
  Replaceable element Oil Filter 
  Rear Fenders/Box Paint to match
  Auxiliary Tail Lamp        
  Fluid Drive
  Total cost in 1952




$      8.27
$      1.47
$    12.42
$      9.27
$      6.44
$      6.63
$    43.14



Test Drive Video Walk Around Video

Below, note Arvin cab heater 

Vintage aftermarket turn signals have been added and are in working condition.  Note radio 'delete' and like new plastic handle on spotlight.
The truck was on  display at the 3rd and 4th Route 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino, Ca. 

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