1962 Jeep CJ-5
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1962 Willys Jeep (Kaiser produced) CJ5 mod: 57548.  Prod date: June/July 1960.  Paint: Indian Ceramic (original paint).   Top: Koenig mod: 520

Engine: F4-134 Hurricane  Filter: C-3P

Trans:  T-90 Three Speed

Xfer:   Dana 18 - small hole (third generation)
         ...with a 1 1/4" intermediate shaft and 26 tooth input gear was used on the CJ-3B (after serial number 54-12506), CJ-5, CJ-5A, CJ-6, and CJ-6A

Front:  Dana 25  Ratio: 5.38
        ...Dana 25/CJ     spring pads: 28"  wheel-to-wheel: 51"  years: '46-'65 Casting no: 17038      (03841)

Rear:   Dana 44 2-pc shafts  Ratio: 5.38
        ...8.5 ring gear 10-spline through 1966 All CJ Dana 44s use a 5 on 5.5" wheel bolt pattern.
        Dana 44/CJ Narrow Track    spg pads: 28"  wheel-to-wheel: 50.5"  years: '50-'75  Casting Number: 18418

Tires: P235/75-R15 redials   

Suspension: Rancho #44062 front & 44162 rear springs 2.5" lift Rear D/S Angle: 19-degrees   stock d/s angle estimated at 13-deg.

Offset height between rear pinion and xfer output is 6" (lifted) distance ctr-to-ctr pinion/output is 17.75"

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