1953 Plymouth
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1953 Plymouth Cambridge 2dr Sedan

Gone but not forgotten!

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The car is powered by a  6-cyl Flathead engine mated to a 3-speed manual trans.  The engine starts and runs reliably, 

The clutch is fairly new and the car shifts very smoothly without chatter.  It has a new fuel pump, and professionally rebuilt carburetor.  It also includes a set of 5/ea B. F. Goodrich Silvertown 6.70x15 wide whitewall tires.  The spare tire has not been on the ground.

Virtual Test Drive on Aug 8, 2008

 Inspection - Sept 26, 2008

A solid clean factory original fuel tank is included, however a 13-gallon poly tank is currently mounted in the trunk. Rubber windshield and rear glass seals are in perfect condition, as are door and trunk seals.   Even the hood ornament is in good condition. 
p6120119.jpg (56509 bytes) Car is original color, but has been repainted.  Interior is original, except for aftermarket seat covers {which need to be redone}, rubber floor mats which are aftermarket, but in good condition, and headliner and windlace which are in very good condition.
New Photos:   High Res - Click for Larger View  

53Ply-drv.jpg (219028 bytes)
Drivers Side Floor

53ply-pass.jpg (207649 bytes)
Pass Side Floor

53Ply-LTrunk.jpg (191985 bytes)
Trunk Left
53Ply-RTrunk.jpg (196710 bytes)
Trunk Right
53-Ply-GasTnk1.jpg (220798 bytes)
Gas Tank-1
53PlyGasTnk2.jpg (217085 bytes)
Gas Tank-2

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