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QAD Billing:

QAD Billing System:  Need a simple billing system to generate professional looking Packing Lists, Invoices, Statements, and simple Accounts Receivable?  Its all here!  This Access-2000 Application is not locked, so you can customize it for your own needs.  If you don't feel cozy with that, contact us for
$69 +S&H   ref# QAD-1



KOW CHIP BINGO: Looking for a family oriented "Fund Raising" event for your organization?   Our Kow Chip Bingo software system will make it easy to administer and operate a 4000 cell playing field,  capturing "Deed Purchaser" data.  The system also tracks "Deed Sellers" to provide incentive awards for top performers, if desired.  At game-time, the system randomly distributes deeds to physical cell locations on the playing field, and produces a playing field map showing sold and unsold {if any} locations.  Quick look-up is provided to determine winning deed holders.  Random distribution allows deeds to be sold in number ordered "blocks" while assuring the buyer that the cells will not be concentrated is just one spot.  It also simplifies event management in the event a large block of deeds remain unsold.   This system was developed for The Kiwanis Club of Redlands and has been used successfully to manage their Kow Chip Bingo event.

You must have {or must get} Access-2000 and Excel-2000.   In addition you will need a $300.00  {3.5 diskette} includes Operator's Manual.  Ref: KCB-1



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DayCare Census:  This application tracks, child, family, medical, and emergency contact information for each child in the program.    Captured information can then be used to produce documentation for the students file folder.  When updates are needed, parents can annotate and update information on the students folder, for re-entry and revision. 

Class Lists, Attendance Sheets, Sign-in/out sheets can all be produced by the system for on-track and off-track programs.  Track switches are performed instantly and automatically to allow year-round and/or traditional school programs.

Requires Access-97 or 2000 and a 486 system with 16mb RAM and 70mb of Hard Disk space or better.  Also need an Inkjet or laser printer to print knockout looking documents.   Can be customized to meet user requirements.   Contact us for more information.

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