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MEMBER BILLING: Bill your membership monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  Fee table driven statement generation
allows multiple membership categories and multiple rates.  You can also separate fee categories {for example: Dues, Meals, etc} if you wish.  Incidental and/or additional charges can be added to a members account on a case by case basis.  Statements can be generated individually on demand, or run as a batch.  Reports include: Membership summary, A/R, Cash Receipts, Sales Transactions for the period by category.  Use with our Roster Viewer to make an Electronic Roster available to members and others in your organization.  This version meets member information requirements for Kiwanis Clubs.  Custom versions are available....
contact us for the details. Requires: Win-95 or better with 8mb minimum RAM {16MB recommended, and about 2MB of storage space on your hard disk.   {724K executable without data} Provided in self-installing version on 4ea 3.5 disks OR CD-ROM

$669 + S&H   ref# MBR-1


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