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Periodically we make a few Palm programs available to our customers.  These are ordered via e-mail by clicking the link following the "Order here ref:"  located under the description for the program.  A zipped file containing the program, runtime ir required, and related files will be e-mailed back to you.  Please provide your full name, mailing address and Palm device {Palm-IIIx or Zaire-72, for example} with your order request.  



Binary, Decimal, ASCII and Hex conversion tool, similar to BinDecAsc but readily available from your PalmTM  computer.   Supports Cut & Paste editing operations. For Palm-OS 2 or 3.  Requires CASL runtime {v:4.14  98k -  included}.  Uses a mere 9k of Palm resources.
Cost: $9.95      Order here ref: BinD





Tired of *inventing* account passwords and PIN's for each new account?  Here is a tool that generates them for you and helps you keep track of them too!  This PSW Picker, generates a template for keeping track of your accounts.   Use an assigned PSW or PIN or generate a unique one instantly.  Save each account to the Memo Pad, where you can apply user defined categories and regulate security by making them *private*.  Hot-Sync lets you record accounts in the field and have them available on your desktop system.  Fields include: Account Name, URL, ID and Password.   Generated passwords can be from 5 to 11 characters in length, and can be upper case, upper & lower case {case sensitive}, and case sensitive with numbers, you decide.  Supports Cut & Paste editing operations.  CASL-Pro 4.1.4.  103k.  For Palm-OS 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Cost: $9.95      Order here ref:



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