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Cypher-Mate comes with 25 quotations of famous, semi-famous and Infamous personalities of our time. It also allows you to enter pre-encrypted puzzles from published sources, such as newspapers. If you like, you can also enter favorite quotations, poems, and other short text, and generate your own encrypted puzzles  Select the color version for Zire-72 or Clie-NZ-90 type PDA's.


Color Version - PalmOS 5

Monochrome Version - PalmOS-3.5
The 25 provided puzzles, and any puzzles you create from plain text will include a hidden cipher alphabet, so that you ‘solve’ a puzzle that you have given up on. Pre-encrypted puzzles don’t have this feature since the cipher used to create them is unknown, until you find the solution, through clever play.  The Monochrome version is provided for users of older PDA's, such as the Palm-IIIx



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