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RDFoerster Software
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Voice/Fax 909-793-7236

Providing Small Computer Technical Support Solutions in the Inland Area since 1980.

Application Development Services:
dBase-IV, dBase-V
Delphi-1, Delphi-2, Delphi-3 Delphi-6, C++ Builder
PowerBasic, MS-Visual Basic 6 & MS Visual 'C'
Access-95, Access-97, Access 2000
Excel-95, Excel-97, Excel-2000
CASL-3 {Palm Platform}
JavaScript, mySQL, PHP


Application Implementation Services:
Installation & Set up
Initial Data Entry
User Training
Process integration with legacy systems


Internet Development Services:
Account Registration & Set-up
Domain Registration
Web Site design and implementation
HTML Page creation
Full Service Site Management


Software and Shareware Products:
Data-Aware Components for Delphi-1,2,3 & C++ Builder
QAD-Billing System  
{Access-97/2k}      **Shareware
DayCare Records & Census System
Kow Chip Bingo -
Event Mgt Software {Access-97/2k}

Club Historian {Delph-2}
Club Membership/Billing   {Delphi-2}
Celebrity Cypher-97  {C++ Builder}  


User Training:
On-Site 'Task Oriented' training in MS-Office-95/97/2k
Individual Training:
MS-Office Applications, 



dBase, Delphi  and C++ Builder  are trademarks of Borland International, Inc. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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