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This page contains links to files we are making available for
FTP download. Click on the appropriate link under the
Formats section of a file's description to begin downloading.   These downloads are provided AS-IS.  By downloading any of these packages you certify that you are willing to accept all risks associated with their use, and that you understand they are not to be distributed or sold without our express written permission All files have been scanned with McAfee VirusScan Gold prior to being placed here for download.

If you experience any problems or have feedback on any of these packages please let us know by email to: Downloads   or by phone/fax   (909) 793-7236 or by writing to: RDFoerster Software, 17 Fifth St., Suite-B, Redlands CA.  92373.

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page.  All file sizes are approximate.


Celebrity Cypher-97
Graphics Lab -Tutorial Packet
DUMP.EXE - Disk File 'Byte' Editor

Celebrity Cypher-98

Play Cipher type puzzles published in local newspapers on your computer, or choose ciphers based one of 101 included quotations by popular personalities, each with plain text 'solution'.  Help file documentation is provided.  Requires Win-95, 486 8mb ram SVGA recommended.  After installation, create a shortcut to the file:

Formats: cleb98.exe  (239 k) self-extracting zip file.  Last updated: Jan 11, 1998.

Graphics lab Tutorial Packet

Companion Materials for individual study in development of an elementary draw library using MS-Visual 'C' {ver:1.52 specific}.  Three projects include; VidCk - a utility that can be used to test and determine the video attributes of a system, Draw - a program to test the library routines, & DrawLib the elementary drawing library.   This packet should be downloaded prior to beginning the tutorial session.  Print 'c' source files so that you can refer to them while working through the lesson.  Two routines are developed;  line() and box().   The student is expected to complete a routine Triangle(), using techniques learned from this tutorial.  Feedback and discussion related to this tutorial should be directed to rdf or through the interactive Student/Customer Forum in the notices area.

Formats: Graphlab.Exe  (249 k) self-extracting zip file.
Last updated: Jan 21, 1998.

DUMP.EXE - Disk File 'Byte' Editor

Allows you to examine *huge* files on disk and change specific, or globally replace individual data *bytes*.  You can specify two characters to highlight {colored yellow}, such as CR & LF {ASCII Code 13 & 10} when the file is opened.  

Originally written in 1992 using Power Basic 2.0 as a tool to overcome the small file limitations of DEBUG.COM.  After installation, create a shortcut to the file c:\rdfoerster\dump.exe

Formats: RDFDmp.exe  (66 k) self-extracting/installing zip
file.  Last updated: June 09, 1998.


File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable program/Self Extracting 
		zipped file.

.ps     PostScript file
.ps.Z   compressed PostScript file, for UNIX
.tar    UNIX archive file
.tar.Z  compressed UNIX archive file
.zip    Windows archive file
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